Top Twerker paper Doll Book front cover - paper doll activity book by Mel Elliott
Top Twerker paper Doll Book back cover - paper doll activity book by Mel Elliott

TOP TWERKER PAPER DOLL paperback booklet

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Unofficial Myley Paper Doll.

The long-awaited Miley Cyrus paper doll is here! This unofficial homage to the young pop starlet/serial twerker is full of her most fantastic, casual and controversial fashion choices. Miley regularly makes both best- and worst-dressed lists, and this book of paper dolls celebrates both, from her Marc Jabobs affiliation and casual stripy-wear to that famous teddybear outfit that shortly preceeded "Twerking" entering official dictionaries. Maybe Wrecking Ball is also a description of how she burst into the public eye in the last year or so!

Whatever your opinion on Miley you have to admire her bravery and audacity, whether you listened to Wrecking Ball because you like her singing or just because everyone was discussing the video... With these paper dolls you can take over management of her wardrobe, snipping out the appropriate items for her to wear. All you need is a pair of scissors and a rainy day! The only thing you won't find here are her old Hannah Montana threads, because Ms Miley is so clearly over that by now! 

So let's celebrate this bold singer for a while and get cutting! Top Twerker paper doll comes with two dolls and a variety of clothes for them.


Publisher: I Love Mel

Author: Mel Elliott