You may or may not know but asides from being a really cool shop we've got some really cool people working here to offering some really cool services to our gorgeous customers. So here's the team in order of appearance....

Mel - Meet the one and only gorgeous Mel of I Love Mel; artist, designer, author, butcher, baker, candlestick maker....Ok, I don't know about the last three for definite but word on the block is she's pretty good at making pies, particularly if there's an England football match on. You probably already know that Mel is the artist behind our super popular Feminist T-Shirts, the author of Pearl Power, the creator of Dead Sleb, Seeing Double & Rubbish Bingo and much more (including being an awesome boss!) but if you didn't know then click this link to find out more.

Andy -Andy is Mel's lovely other-half or "whipping boy" as he sometimes dubs himself. But he is far more than our very own Handy Andy (Changing Rooms fans you know what I mean); if it wasn't for Andy and all his hard work behind the scenes we might not be here. Andy is the glue keeping us all together, our bricks & mortar, thanks for everything Andy! 

Alice - That's me, I'm usually the first person you see when you come in the shop and will always greet you with a smile but on the (very) rare occasion I'm having a cr*p day you may get a grunt ;) Anyway, I help manage the shop and generally just try to make sure everyone's happy and things are running smoothly. It's a good, no, a great job really and a great place to work so do come and visit us and check the place out.

Dominic - Dominic is like the friendly ghost in the attic; you don't always see him but you know he's around, most likely making frames (or endless cups of tea). Yes, Dominic is a framer and a bloody good one too. He joined us around mid-May (2018) and immediately fit right in with our little family. To see some of Dominic's work check him out on Instagram at @on_the_wall_framing. For prices and other enquiries, you can email him at or phone no. 07421 705 640.

Rossana - Ahh the lovely Rossana! Rossana joined the family back in August 2018 and it feels like she's been here from the very beginning. She is a project manager and events organiser specialising in community-focused events. She manages Hastings Women's Voice, a community organisation supporting women's empowerment and equality for women locally, nationally and internationally, and she was recently awarded Woman of the Year award for her work on the Hastings Refugee Buddy Project, we are all very proud of her! 

James - James was next to join the team and he's certainly put a few smiles on our faces. Within his first month here he blessed us all with fabulous haircuts and turned our old selfie room into a rather lovely little salon. James really is a brilliant hairdresser, we're not just saying this, and we're super happy he's moved in with us! To see some of his work go to Instagram page @yardandquarter. For appointments and enquiries email or phone 07479 955959

 Scott - Next came the lovely Scott. All the way from South Africa and now a resident of our fab little town of St Leonards, Scott is a brilliant photographer & film producer. He works in many areas such as fashion, lifestyle, equipment and more and his photos are bloody gorgeous! Check out his website here or find him on Instagram @SHJ_pic 

Vanessa - Vanessa is new to St Leonard's but settling in nicely & we love having her here! She is also a freelance film producer (I swear its like Hollywood up in here), her company is called The Nothing & you can check out her amazing work here or on Facebook - The Nothing

Noemie - I'm Noemie, I come from a town in the French Alps called Chambery. After my degree in events management, I wanted to live and immerse myself in an English town and here I am in Hastings! I'm doing an internship at Open By I Love Mel for a few months to improve my English skills. I hope I'm doing well! The whole team is really nice to work with and I love the items Mel has designed. I am definitely enjoying being here and helping to run this lovely art shop. See you! A bientot! 

So that's our amazing team but of course, we're all far more interesting in person so do come down and say hello and see what we're all about. 


Much love,