I Love Mel started out life as a few badges that were made and handed out to make Mel Elliott feel better after her boyfriend dumped her. On Graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2007, Mel began designing fun, printed products such as colouring books and paper dolls and I Love Mel became less of a badge and more of a brand. "My work has always been influenced by pop culture, celebrity, fame, glossy magazines and the aesthetic perfection that goes hand in hand with all that stuff. The colouring books and paper dolls were developed when I realised that the things we enjoyed doing as young children, such as cutting out and colouring in, would still be enjoyed by adults, if only the activity books had 'grown up' with us."

Mel has produced many books under the independent label of I Love Mel, but has also produced 3 books with Portico, London and two with Penguin, NY.

I Love Mel is about to venture into children's books, as well as other products like games and T-shirts... so come back soon!



Mel lives and works on the south coast in Hastings, UK and has big plans for the I Love Mel brand.