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You've only got James Franco's Instagram to blame for this...

The latest instalment of the Colour Me Good saga is out, and this time it's the perpetually unclothed James Franco gracing our colouring pages. Are you ready to sharpen your colouring pencils and get scribbling? We hope you enjoy one of our most hilarious colouring books so far - the subject matter helps a lot! This man has become the dishevelled face of the #bedselfie movement, and we are honouring his contribution to popular culture as much as his varied filmography!

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Chairs and Cards - a quick update on I Love Mel stuff!

Hey everyone! At I Love Mel we're always excited about something, so here's a quick run down of what's going on here at the moment! First of all, I think there's something we probably almost all have in common right now... We're sitting down! (But props to anyone who is reading this on their morning jog.) Chairs aren't just a barrier between you and the floor, though; they can be fantastic pieces of art all in their own right. Our book about chairs is a collection of all the most interesting and unique chairs for you to colour in and project your interior design dreams on! Colour Me Good has a history of featuring modern art both in and out...

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Remember to dance dance dance

So David Bowie tells us! He's announced he's going to be bringing us more glorious music, promising "More music soon." and we continue living in a world where more David Bowie albums are forthcoming. It's a wonderful time to be alive! Of course Bowie is one of our long-time favourites, and our paper doll effigy of him is possibly useful for voodoo purposes to make him start recording again after his too-long gap in producing new albums for us. We're not saying the appearance of the doll and the appearance of The Next Day are in any way linked, but they do share a similar time frame so there is that. We do not encourage our customers to use the...

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The Batley School of Art Gallery Viewing

  Last Friday we visited London’s Brick Lane to view the work of the students from the Batley School of Art. The Batley School of Art is a huge part of ilovemel, and is fundamentally the place where it all began. The tutors at the university have the unique ability to mentor students through their university degree, to achieve the highest grade they possibly can. But more importantly they are hugely concerned with welfare of their students, encouraging them to follow their dreams and nurture their talent.   At the gallery viewing we were privileged enough to speak hands on with the students, and was fascinated by some of the stories behind their artwork. Their degrees covered topics that addressed...

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Ryan Gosling appreciation day

  With the news breaking that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams had a less than romantic relationship on the set of The Notebook, as the film turns ten years old. Can it really be that long?! That's a lot of years of scrunched up tissues and quietly sniffling over this emotional trainwreck-causing film and we still love it after all this time. This news turns over the story of their adorable coupling up after the film on its head, but one thing The Notebook had was an amazing chemistry between the actors which is part of why we love it so much! Maybe all the anger mentioned in the interview is the reason why the chemistry between them ended up...

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