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In Case You Missed it....Girls World 411

So in case you missed our super cool Girls World Day, I thought I'd give you the 411 on how the day went down. Despite a bit of a slow start to the day what with the world cup commanding the attention of just about the whole town, once we were all sat down with the lovely Gemma Cairney (she really is lovely) on our bright n' cheerful bean bags, it wasn't long before laughter was filling the shop and we were all chatting like old friends. The main topic of discussion was about Gemma's new book; OPEN: A Toolkit for How Magic & Messed Up Life Can Be, a wonderful book aimed at young people to help them navigate...

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ART AT OPEN: Exhibition of work by Mel Elliott and Julia Andrews-Clifford

This Thursday we had our grand opening of our latest art exhibition with work by our very own Mel Elliott and fellow local artist Julia Andrews-Clifford. It was such a blast and with the wine flowing and the England-Belgium game playing in the background it certainly made for an exciting atmosphere!  Whether you know a lot about art or know sweet FA it really doesn't matter. I was not an art student myself but can certainly appreciate it and (I'm not just saying this), Mel and Julia's work is not to be missed. Mel's work has become recognisable around the globe with products like her Colour Me Good colouring books making their way onto America's Ellen DeGeneres Show! Her pop...

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Gemma Cairney's Coming to Town!

Only 2 days until Girls World everyone and OH have we got an exciting treat in store for ya...BBC Radio's much loved presenter Gemma Cairney will be will be with us!  Gemma is a multi-award winning broadcaster, published author, production company founder, magpie, life enthusiast who has almost a decade at the BBC under her belt. She has won awards for making documentaries on subjects such as young people in violent relationships. She is also an important advocate for young people and between her life experiences and her personal insight from her time as BBC Radio 1’s resident agony aunt on The Surgery, she is perfectly placed to offer hope and a comforting shoulder to young people. Gemma will be...

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Live music from The Kiffs playing at Girls World

Getting excited about Girls World yet? We are! Not only have we got special celebrity guest joining us, the awesome Gemma Cairney, we've got local girl band, The Kiffs, hittin' us with some of their own releases. This band of 4 awesome girls; Bonnie, Honor, Lola and Tallulah are only in year 9 and are already stirring up the local indie-rock music scene with their fresh talent. We're super excited to have these ladies honour us with their presence for our Girls World event as part of the St Leonards Festival here at OPEN on Saturday 30th June.  When I asked how they feel about performing for our Girls World day being a girl band they replied "we are very happy to be...

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Jonathan Van Ness FREE colouring page

via GIPHY   If you haven't binge-watched Queer Eye on Netflix yet, then grab yourself some Kleenex and dive in! As I spent much of yesterday afternoon sobbing to season 2, I felt inspired today and so created this downloadable. print-out-able and colour-in-able one of the fabulous five... Mr Jonathan Van Ness. Do show me your efforts on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram or Twitter. DOWNLOAD THE IMAGE HERE

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