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      OH I DO LIKE TO LIVE BESIDE THE SEASIDE and if you're local to Hastings, UK and don't want to pay for shipping costs, you can pop into I Love Mel HQ and collect your stuff yourself! The code is Beside the Seaside and can be entered at checkout when you make a purchase. Don't be alarmed that you have to go to Paypal first, you do get the opportunity to use the code at the end... I promise. More information here: I Love Mel is based in Cavendish House on the seafront and you can pop in by appointment Mon-Fri 9-5 (sometimes weekends too), please buy your items using the above code at checkout and then email...

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Swoon spotlight: Tom Hiddleston

  Here at I Love Mel we have a full dedication to all adorable cuties who deserve love, adoration, and "proof" of fake marriages... As such we're now proudly celebrating one Tom W Hiddleston with his own commemorative set of pencils.   Because sometimes you just need a set of pencils which proudly tells everyone who you would totally marry if you were given half a chance. Or failing that a magical alien spear which turned people's will to putty in your hands. Hey, the guy's good at playing a villain. He wouldn't have made it through three whole films if he wasn't just so bloody marvellous at strolling around like he owns the world, conspiring against his hunky elder...

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Much love for Benedict Cumberbatch!

There has been a fantastic response to the Benedict Cumberbatch colouring book! Or, as some news articles suggested, the "Cumberbook". We've been featured everywhere from super serious news websites, to fashion magazines, to trendy geek culture websites... Just goes to show the massive appeal Benedict has out there in the world! So we thought that we would share some of our favourite headlines that made us smile: Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in ‘Hamlet’ and Coloring Book It's always good to know what your competition is, and apparently we're right up there with Shakespeare now! The Metro suggested it was compulsory to own one: You need to have this Benedict Cumberbatch colouring book in your lifealthough they seemed a little worried...

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Who's your Girl Crush?

With the Girl Crush book now out in the shop, it is the time to celebrate some fantastic girls you just can't get enough of! Girl Crush is a colouring book dedicated to admiring a whole army of wonderful women who we are convinced in the right time and place would just be our bestest best friend if we had the chance! Every lady's had a girl crush somewhere or other, for a woman who just inspires them to be that much better than before, whether it's because of their style or their strength. The girls we love are chosen for everything from their talent and heart, to their envy-inducing hair or lips... These are the girls you dream about...

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