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When I created and published my first children's book in 2014, I knew it wouldn't be easy. I had previously hit a huge niche with my adult colouring books way before the whole fad took off and I had a pretty easy ride of it. Book and gift stores were getting in touch, all desperate to stock Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling or Colour Me Good Hip Hop (but mostly the Ryan Gosling one, it's his eyes you see). But with children's books there's masses of competition. There are so many picture storybooks out there and some of them are still going strong after 10, 20 and even 50 years! However, I hadn't realised just how difficult publishing a children's book would be....

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Why Your Five Year Old Could Not Have Done That – Modern Art Explained by Susie Hodge  If you are one of those people who is occasionally baffled and bemused by the modern art world then don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re one of those people who finds yourself at art galleries gaping at what appears to be the remains of last nights dinner in a glass case or a pile of carefully placed bricks, trying for the life of you to figure out how it represents social hierarchies or the degenerative state of public transport systems…then, really, you’re not alone! And this book is the perfect book for you.  I remember when I first came across Tracy Emin’s...

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Scott Garrett's Pot Shop at OPEN by I Love Mel

As part of 2018's Coastal Currents, a community arts festival that takes place across East Sussex, illustrator Scott Garrett will be displaying his latest passion for pottery here at OPEN by I Love Mel. Scott Garrett is a freelance illustrator living here in Hastings. His humorous yet poignant style has gained him national and international recognition and he has worked with clients such as The Guardian, Vodafone, Lost Angeles Times, renowned author Oliver Sacks and many more.  His pottery collection, GarrettWare, has come about after a long passion for pottery with particular interest in face jugs from the Southern folk pottery tradition of North Carolina and Georgia & the English country slipware tradition. Scott's GarrettWare collection is just as fun & captivating as his...

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MINI BOOK REVIEW: Read This If You Want To Be A Great Writer

READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE A GREAT WRITER Mini review by I Love Mel On reading Ross Raisin's 'Read This If You Want To Be A Great Writer', the old adage "let go and let god" immediately sprung to my mind. When writing short and concise books its often necessary to be clear and to the point, people want to know that within roughly 24 hours (the time most people want to spend on short books) they will have cracked some sort of creative code and be on their way to artistic stardom. Whilst this would be wonderful it is not necessarily realistic, plus it takes away the exploratory nature of creativity and creativity is all about exploring. Raisin, however, manages to coagulate the technical with...

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