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Ryan Gosling appreciation day

  With the news breaking that Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams had a less than romantic relationship on the set of The Notebook, as the film turns ten years old. Can it really be that long?! That's a lot of years of scrunched up tissues and quietly sniffling over this emotional trainwreck-causing film and we still love it after all this time. This news turns over the story of their adorable coupling up after the film on its head, but one thing The Notebook had was an amazing chemistry between the actors which is part of why we love it so much! Maybe all the anger mentioned in the interview is the reason why the chemistry between them ended up...

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Much love for Benedict Cumberbatch!

There has been a fantastic response to the Benedict Cumberbatch colouring book! Or, as some news articles suggested, the "Cumberbook". We've been featured everywhere from super serious news websites, to fashion magazines, to trendy geek culture websites... Just goes to show the massive appeal Benedict has out there in the world! So we thought that we would share some of our favourite headlines that made us smile: Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in ‘Hamlet’ and Coloring Book It's always good to know what your competition is, and apparently we're right up there with Shakespeare now! The Metro suggested it was compulsory to own one: You need to have this Benedict Cumberbatch colouring book in your lifealthough they seemed a little worried...

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