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Sharon F Jones interview for Pearl Power!

Sharon F. Jones, children's book blogger and writer, has reviewed Pearl Power and what's more, done a fantastic interview with Mel about her inspiration and the desperate need for more stories with gender equality for kids.      S: Your daughter Pearl was the inspiration behind the books. Were you fed up with the stereotyping that you can still find in children’s books and toys in general?M: Most definitely. Especially with toys and advertising. I saw yesterday that ASDA describe Minecraft as ‘boy’s toys’, where as my daughter is obsessed with it. I also saw that there is now a JENGA FOR GIRLS… which is obviously pink! It’s ridiculous that in 2014, this appalling stereotyping is going on, and when my...

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Chairs and Cards - a quick update on I Love Mel stuff!

Hey everyone! At I Love Mel we're always excited about something, so here's a quick run down of what's going on here at the moment! First of all, I think there's something we probably almost all have in common right now... We're sitting down! (But props to anyone who is reading this on their morning jog.) Chairs aren't just a barrier between you and the floor, though; they can be fantastic pieces of art all in their own right. Our book about chairs is a collection of all the most interesting and unique chairs for you to colour in and project your interior design dreams on! Colour Me Good has a history of featuring modern art both in and out...

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