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Jonathan Van Ness FREE colouring page

via GIPHY   If you haven't binge-watched Queer Eye on Netflix yet, then grab yourself some Kleenex and dive in! As I spent much of yesterday afternoon sobbing to season 2, I felt inspired today and so created this downloadable. print-out-able and colour-in-able one of the fabulous five... Mr Jonathan Van Ness. Do show me your efforts on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram or Twitter. DOWNLOAD THE IMAGE HERE

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Bowie in Colour

Yesterday, whilst rummaging around for my gloves or a woolly hat, I was stunned at my husband's announcement that David Bowie had died. "He can't have! He just brought a record out and it was just his birthday!" I exclaimed (or something along those lines). And I think that many of us had very similar reactions. Somehow, Bowie seemed invincible: well his music, artistry and the mark that he made on British pop culture certainly is.It will last forever. Someone on twitter mentioned yesterday that Bowie ought to have been in my Colour Me Good Record Sleeves colouring book. Well he used to be. The previous version of this book featured Bowie and many other greats, and when I had...

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Hey y'all! I LOVE MEL has just returned from a very exciting business trip to Austin, Texas in order to set up I LOVE MEL USA. Yes, very very soon all you lovely American and Canadian customers will be able to buy from an American-based site, in dollars, with super fast, super cheap shipping! Books will be printed in Austin, on American-made paper (that is kind to trees obvs). I LOVE MEL USA will be selling the usual UK stuff as well as a few new goodies. The new website is very close to completion so please hold off on your Christmas shopping for now (unless you're spending £50 or more, then just use the UK version as your shipping...

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Some people can just be difficult to buy for. Usually, we find it's because they have everything they would want or need. So what do you buy for these people?We've chosen the best gifts from the I Love Mel shop for your special someone so you can finally buy them something NEW & DIFFERENT for that complete collection of theirs.They won't see it coming, and they'll be amazed with receiving something they haven't got for once! Take a look...    Seeing Double playing cards by Mel Elliott A memory game also known as pairs, these cards are stylishly illustrated with people, cars and objects. Can be played alone as memory practice or multiple players including the whole family. It's a...

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