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College Candy running a Girl Crush giveaway!

College Candy are giving away a set of Girl Crush and Swooooon!   Simply go to their competition page and reply following their instructions and you could be in with the chance of winning!   Our own roster of swoon-worthy crushes is always growing beyond our bumper books of hunks and babes, though... Some of our 'coming soon' projects in the Colour Me Good series include Tom Hiddleston, and... Chairs. The design your own chair in CMG Benedict Cumberbatch was clever foreshadowing for what is to come!

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Beyoncé: captain of team Girl Crush

We might spend a lot of time crushing on all those fantastic celebs out there who inspire us daily, but it's easy to forget that they can inspire each other too! Two of the stars of our Girl Crush book have a proper mutual girl crush on each other! Beyoncé once wrote a gushing letter to Michelle Obama which I think sums up everything about why girl crushes are such a fantastic thing, and we should celebrate this unique girly way of loving each other. Girl crushes are all about admiring another woman for all her most positive traits, transcending jealousy to be a declaration of "I think she is fantastic, I wish I was more like her, she makes...

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Who's your Girl Crush?

With the Girl Crush book now out in the shop, it is the time to celebrate some fantastic girls you just can't get enough of! Girl Crush is a colouring book dedicated to admiring a whole army of wonderful women who we are convinced in the right time and place would just be our bestest best friend if we had the chance! Every lady's had a girl crush somewhere or other, for a woman who just inspires them to be that much better than before, whether it's because of their style or their strength. The girls we love are chosen for everything from their talent and heart, to their envy-inducing hair or lips... These are the girls you dream about...

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