Scott Garrett's Pot Shop at OPEN by I Love Mel

As part of 2018's Coastal Currents, a community arts festival that takes place across East Sussex, illustrator Scott Garrett will be displaying his latest passion for pottery here at OPEN by I Love Mel.

Scott Garrett is a freelance illustrator living here in Hastings. His humorous yet poignant style has gained him national and international recognition and he has worked with clients such as The Guardian, Vodafone, Lost Angeles Times, renowned author Oliver Sacks and many more. 

His pottery collection, GarrettWare, has come about after a long passion for pottery with particular interest in face jugs from the Southern folk pottery tradition of North Carolina and Georgia & the English country slipware tradition. Scott's GarrettWare collection is just as fun & captivating as his illustrations and will be on display & available to buy here at the shop throughout the festival so you definitely need to come down and check it out! 

For more information about Scott Garrett check out his website here, there's also a great interview with him in Questioning Creatives. And for more information about the Coastal Currents check them out here

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