MINI BOOK REVIEW: Read This If You Want To Be A Great Writer


Mini review by I Love Mel

On reading Ross Raisin's 'Read This If You Want To Be A Great Writer', the old adage "let go and let god" immediately sprung to my mind. When writing short and concise books its often necessary to be clear and to the point, people want to know that within roughly 24 hours (the time most people want to spend on short books) they will have cracked some sort of creative code and be on their way to artistic stardom. Whilst this would be wonderful it is not necessarily realistic, plus it takes away the exploratory nature of creativity and creativity is all about exploring.

Raisin, however, manages to coagulate the technical with the flexible in his expert advice to great writing. With just 132 pages to work with, topics such as plot, narrative, method, dialogue, planning and more are covered neatly and comprehensively without being too dry and, really, much longer than that and your creative freedom may be in jeopardy! This book isn't a simple formula that can magically transform us into a "great writer" (however much we would like it to), Raisin is, in his own salubrious way, enticing us to really love writing, in all forms shapes and sizes and to delve into our own vast sea of creativity and see where the tide takes us.

The idea that we can simultaneously lay waste rules, regulations & expectations and write from the heart, whilst developing useful and grounded ways to do this is well presented by Raisin in this book, and with a well selected diverse set of extracts from Charles Dickens to Lydia Davis, not only did I want to raid my local bookstore quick-sticks but I was dying to pick up my tatty old notebook, grab a cup of tea and just see what came out of my pen. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone wishing to explore writing and even those more accomplished as it can be very refreshing to just get back to basics and be filled with that initial sense of wonder and excitement that new endeavours always bring. 

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Happy Reading!