Live music from The Kiffs playing at Girls World

Getting excited about Girls World yet? We are! Not only have we got special celebrity guest joining us, the awesome Gemma Cairney, we've got local girl band, The Kiffs, hittin' us with some of their own releases. This band of 4 awesome girls; Bonnie, Honor, Lola and Tallulah are only in year 9 and are already stirring up the local indie-rock music scene with their fresh talent. We're super excited to have these ladies honour us with their presence for our Girls World event as part of the St Leonards Festival here at OPEN on Saturday 30th June. 

When I asked how they feel about performing for our Girls World day being a girl band they replied "we are very happy to be playing at the event, we don’t feel any different being a girl band to being any other band, we just all enjoy playing music", thanks girls! :)

Seriously, you dont wanna miss these guys plus so much more so come join us at OPEN by I Love Mel, Saturday 30th June. For more information about Girls World events click here, for more information about other St Leonards Festival events click here or for information about 18 Hours, the festival producers, click here.