In Case You Missed it....Girls World 411

So in case you missed our super cool Girls World Day, I thought I'd give you the 411 on how the day went down.

Despite a bit of a slow start to the day what with the world cup commanding the attention of just about the whole town, once we were all sat down with the lovely Gemma Cairney (she really is lovely) on our bright n' cheerful bean bags, it wasn't long before laughter was filling the shop and we were all chatting like old friends. The main topic of discussion was about Gemma's new book; OPEN: A Toolkit for How Magic & Messed Up Life Can Be, a wonderful book aimed at young people to help them navigate through many aspects of life from menstrual cycles to the environment; heartbreak to money; self-harm and grief and so much more. But we couldn't resist asking her some less serious (yet still important) questions like who her favourite Spice Girl was, what was her favourite 90's film and, most importantly, who was her teenage celebrity crush. To which she happily responded that Ginger Spice was her favourite because of her cool clothes, her favourite 90's film was Clueless and her teenage crush was Peter Andre who she had a big poster of on her bedroom wall. Ah those were the days..magazine pull-out posters of our ever changing teenage crushes the perfect size for snogging practice ;) Good times! 

Anyway, moving on to the rest of our chat with Gemma we were keen to know more about the book and her reasons for writing it. As the book deals with some pretty hard hitting subjects we asked whether she had had a particularly difficult time as a teenager and how it felt to write about such difficult subjects. Gemma told us that, yes, there were many aspects of her teenage years that were difficult such as being branded a trouble-maker at school isolating her from other school kids and spending many years in an abusive relationship along with all the other everyday aches of pains of just being a teenager! But what she really wanted to express is that life can be so magic as well as messed-up, in fact, if it weren't for the messed-up moments we may not appreciate the magic! I'm with you on that one Gemma. 

So, leaving us with message that LOVE, essentially, is everything, so much so that she even has a separate book all about Love (check it out here!), it was then time for Gemma to introduce awesome local girl band, The Kiffs. And man were they Awesome! Too awesome in fact I stood quietly quivering in the corner for a while remembering how uncool I was as a teenager and deciding immediately that I needed to start a band asap! But considering I can neither sing nor play an instrument it'll have to remain on the back-burner for a while and i'll contend with dancing shamelessly at gigs pretending I know all the words to all the songs like some wannabee groupie ;)  But seriously, if you haven't already then definitely check out The Kiffs, I think these guys have got a bright future. 

All in all Girls World went pretty damn well so thanks to everyone who came down for the event or who helped out in any way. Thanks to the lovely Gemma, to The Kiffs, thanks to 18 Hours and the St Leonards Festival team for their support and of course well done Mel for putting on this great gig! We hope to be doing more events like this in the future so watch this space!

Much love,




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