Bean to Bar Chocolate Masterclass by The C Note Ltd. 
DON'T MISS OUT on this fabulous evening of chocolate tasting and Prosecco presented by Arno, Sonny and Sophie. 
Taste 5 YES 5 different 72% dark chocolates beautifully crafted and deliciously served up by @artisanchocolatelab and learn all about the amazing process of chocolate making from bean to bar.

A unique Chocolate experience!
. Taste 5 Entremets with cacao used as a condiment.
. Taste 5 different single estate chocolates with unique flavours developed in our lab.
. 2 glasses of Prosecco to start and a cup of tea to end.
. Learn what is bean to bar chocolate, where cacao is from and how to recognise flavour notes: nutty, herbal, fruity… are you more of a sweet, salty, sour or umami chocolate aficionado?
. Leave with a jar of The C Note Ltd chocolates, a satisfied appetite and deeper knowledge of how you like your chocolate and how to choose it.

Your 120 minutes with The C Note Ltd chocolatier and cacao explorer Sophie Meyer:

Your journey starts with a glass of prosecco as you come into “OPEN by I Love Mel” in St Leonards on Sea and step into the world of cacao from tree to bar, from Trinidad & Tobago to The C Note Ltd lab.

You are in Trinidad & Tobago where Sophie was a few months ago and meet the farmers whose cacao has been turned into the chocolate that you are tasting this evening.
Back in Hastings, you are now tasting Arno’s divine cacao praline beet and his take on seaweed cacao infused veggy nibbles throughout the evening.
Next is Sonny’s smoked beetroot salmon with The C Note Ltd cacao crust and our cacao miso with goat cheese and truffle chocolate canapes.

From cacao as a spice to chocolate as dessert, You will taste Chocolate in all its states, open your curiosity and palate then discover how various essential oils (organic) marry chocolate and offer incredible experiences.
From earthy notes to fruity and herbal tones, you will journey in the flavour wheel and see if you prefer sweet, salty, sour, umami chocolate or a mix of all depending on your mood!

At the end of the evening, you will have an impressive knowledge of cacao and chocolate making, your palate will sing a wide range of chocolate and cacao notes and you will take home some of The C Note Ltd signature chocolate after accessing knowledge you wouldn’t have imagined even existed.