ART AT OPEN: Exhibition of work by Mel Elliott and Julia Andrews-Clifford

This Thursday we had our grand opening of our latest art exhibition with work by our very own Mel Elliott and fellow local artist Julia Andrews-Clifford. It was such a blast and with the wine flowing and the England-Belgium game playing in the background it certainly made for an exciting atmosphere! 

Whether you know a lot about art or know sweet FA it really doesn't matter. I was not an art student myself but can certainly appreciate it and (I'm not just saying this), Mel and Julia's work is not to be missed.

Mel's work has become recognisable around the globe with products like her Colour Me Good colouring books making their way onto America's Ellen DeGeneres Show! Her pop culture inspired work is fun, bright, colourful, a little cheeky and some amazing attention to detail and it certainly lit up the walls of the shop on Thursday night! Her work features some striking pieces such as a 3ft gouache painting of Elizabeth Taylor with gold-leafed glass and her more quirky pen and marker magazine cover drawings. Think "celebrity, fame, glossy magazines and the aesthetic perfection that goes hand in hand with all that stuff." (Mel Elliott), and you'll get the right idea. 

Julia is also a local artist (Hastings has such talent!), who creates photo-montage pieces using fragments, cuts, splices, paint and glue to create surrealist portraits &  landscapes of real and imagined people’s lives. Inspired by film and feminism, her work explores the tensions between public/private life and the personal/political. Simultaneously vibrant and brooding, Julia's work is attention grabbing, poignant and certainly worth lingering a while over. 

This is an exhibition for the art-lover and the art-curious alike and will be up for the next couple of weeks so dont miss it! 

Much love,