Bowie in Colour

Yesterday, whilst rummaging around for my gloves or a woolly hat, I was stunned at my husband's announcement that David Bowie had died. "He can't have! He just brought a record out and it was just his birthday!" I exclaimed (or something along those lines). And I think that many of us had very similar reactions. Somehow, Bowie seemed invincible: well his music, artistry and the mark that he made on British pop culture certainly is.It will last forever.

Someone on twitter mentioned yesterday that Bowie ought to have been in my Colour Me Good Record Sleeves colouring book. Well he used to be. The previous version of this book featured Bowie and many other greats, and when I had to re-make this title (due to legal reasons) I filled it with a completely different set of artists so as not to piss off people who bought both copies. I have a feeling that David would have liked being in this colouring book. When he came across my Bowie paper doll, I received an email from his assistant asking if they could mention it on and of course I said "Hell yes!"

Anyway, to cut a long blogpost short, here is the David Bowie colouring page which you can print out and colour in whilst listening to your favourite Bowie tracks. If you'd like to share your efforts on Instagram and Twitter, use the hashtag #bowieincolour as I'd love to see them.

David Bowie by Mel Elliott for Colour Me Good