Hey y'all!

I LOVE MEL has just returned from a very exciting business trip to Austin, Texas in order to set up I LOVE MEL USA. Yes, very very soon all you lovely American and Canadian customers will be able to buy from an American-based site, in dollars, with super fast, super cheap shipping! Books will be printed in Austin, on American-made paper (that is kind to trees obvs).

I LOVE MEL USA will be selling the usual UK stuff as well as a few new goodies. The new website is very close to completion so please hold off on your Christmas shopping for now (unless you're spending £50 or more, then just use the UK version as your shipping is FREE and by courier anyway!)

Austin is a fantastic place, their motto being 'stay weird' and I look forward to heading back there as soon as I can.

Whilst there, my daughter Pearl and I were delighted to see her biography, Pearl Power in Austin's huge, brilliant bookstore 'Bookpeople'!

Pearl and Pearl Power in Book People

Austin's signage is incredibly creative, well-executed and makes this city quite unique from others. I am determined to head back with a really good camera and capture every single bit of it.


The food is AMAZING! And the restaurants love to feed you... a lot. Before each and every meal, you are brought huge baskets of tacos with dips, sometimes twice... and then they wonder why you don't manage to eat all your dinner. Most of the days we were there, we managed on one meal. ONE MASSIVELY BIG MEAL. The cocktails are also awesome and I'm afraid Britain has a thing or two to learn about making a decent Bloody Mary, the one pictured here is from Benji's where I had one the best Bloody Marys like ever and a fantastic Sunday Tex Mex buffet. Best meal of my hols!

Benji's bloody mary

Pearl tucks into the pre-meal tacos

 Our trip wasn't all stuffing our bellies though, we had business to do: printers to commission, order fulfillment to find, packaging to source and lots of much more businessy stuff that I won't bore you with. Here's me testing paper to find the perfect colouring book material whilst Pearl contemplates jumping in the deep end.

Clampitt Paper Co.
We just had time to pop to Houston to have lunch with an astronaut before heading back to the UK and we got to see THE actual mission control. I'm not even into space stuff but even I found this absolutely mind blowing and couldn't wait to watch Apollo 13 as soon as we got back (which was difficult to do with a tonne of jet lag.
Astronaut Ken Cameron
I highly recommend a visit to Austin if you're looking to head to the States and want something a bit different and hey, if you're there this Saturday (7th Nov) you can catch one of my favourite bands, The Charlatans at Auditorium Shores !
Here's a pic of their lead singer and I LOVE MEL supporter, Tim Burgess wearing my unisex FEMINIST t-shirt.
photo credit: Tim Burgess's friend with a camera
I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I LOVE MEL USA is live, watch this space...
Mel x