Some people can just be difficult to buy for. Usually, we find it's because they have everything they would want or need. So what do you buy for these people?

We've chosen the best gifts from the I Love Mel shop for your special someone so you can finally buy them something NEW & DIFFERENT for that complete collection of theirs.
They won't see it coming, and they'll be amazed with receiving something they haven't got for once!

Take a look... 


Seeing Double playing cards by Mel Elliott

A memory game also known as pairs, these cards are stylishly illustrated with people, cars and objects.
Can be played alone as memory practice or multiple players including the whole family. It's a fun filled game that can go on for hours.



DEAD SLEB card game by Wicked Step Mum

This macabre parlour game will be a sure-fire hit with anyone a bit dark and celebrity obsessed!







Beachball Lights by Toby Sanders

A seaside design to add a touch of style anywhere in the home.
They would work great in a children's bedrooms, with the original beach ball in white, yellow, red and blue. You'll still feel connected to the beach even on a rainy day.





This can be a gift to an film fan to turn your phone into an instant 3D viewer. To immerse yourself into a game or animated film. 



Trust Me pencils by I Love Mel

These pencils are great gifts for someone to add to their pen collection.






Mad Men character graphite pencils by I Love Mel

If you think the show is stylish you can now get your very own stylish pencil set too!
These are essential for any Mad Men lover.



PENCILS THAT ROCK colouring pencils by I Love Mel

Twelve pencils that look great and read great. Each one has a rock song to go with the colour. Choose between Pretty in Pink, Purple Rain and Big Yellow Taxi.

They're pencils that rock!





Colour Me Good '80s by Mel Elliott

E.T. or Madonna? What reminds you of the '80s?
This colouring book can be a great gift to help someone reminisce on many famous and iconic images of the era. Or you can use this to show what was 'a big deal' in the '80s.
Colour in a retro pair of rollerblades and the famous cassette players.

Bring back the '80s.



Colour Me Good Swooooon colouring book by Mel Elliott

This activity book is packed with heartthrobs to colour in to your heart's content. Get swooning, as there are plenty of hunks inside for all.
This is a wonderful gift to keep busy on an afternoon or to colour your way through in the evening. It has 128 pages so is packed with many, many heartthrobs.



Colour Me Girl Crush by Mel Elliott

This is a perfect gift to someone to colour in the women that women love! It's packed full with 128 pages, you can find your idol inside or discover a new one. And you even get to colour them in the way you like! What more do you need?






EMOJI temporary tattoos

Wear your favourite emoji and your arm or your back or even your backside! Each pack comes 6 tattoos as well as instructions.




Zoo Prints by Yago Partal

The Zoo Portrait series is a collection of giclee prints created to spread awareness of animals by humanising them. These portraits can both support animals and be a wonderful addition to your decor.





Hand-drawn maps by Jenni Sparks & Evermade

These handmade and beautifully illustrated maps are great ways to explore the cities. There are four to choose from: Berlin, New York, London and San Francisco.  

It can be the perfect gift for the gap year student or even the traveller who thinks they've seen it all. These maps include the in-the-know places to go and things to see and highlighting the neighbourhoods and streets that make these cities so great.
These are a traveller's must-have.  







NOT IN SERVICE Brooch by Garudio Studiage

 This brooch will keep any unwanted stranger away. It's the perfect gift for someone who likes to be avoided, or just to be worn as a funny, witty accessory.