Buying gifts for the creative types can be a challenge. If you need some help we've got just the list for you.
Check out below the top gifts for your special someone. 

'Seeing Double' card game by I Love Mel

A memory game also known as 'pairs', these cards are stylishly illustrated with people, cars and objects.
Can be played alone as memory practice or multiple players including the whole family. It's a fun filled game that doesn't go on for hours!



 Colour Me Good Modern Art colouring book by I Love Mel

This colouring book features drawings by Mel Elliott of some of the world's most iconic art works. Featuring pieces by Jeff Koons, Tracey Emin, Andy Warhol, Jame & Dinos Chapman, and many more. This colouring book is all you need for an arty-farty felt-tip party!




Trust Me I'm An Artist pencils by I Love Mel

These pencils are a great gift to that artist friend of yours.

Every good artist needs a great pencil set. 





Optrixx: camera shaped looking eyes

It looks exactly like a camera and when you look through this Optrixx your view will be distorted in a kaleidoscope effect.

View the world through different eyes.




Sunography: Solar Powered Photography

Place an object onto the sunography paper and expose it to sunlight. After rinsing, your image will be in a bold, rich blue print. This is quick and easy, a great way to create cool art. It's safe to use so can be a brilliant way to show the kids the basics of photography.


 Colour Me Good Chairs colouring book by Mel Elliott

A collection of drawings on interesting and unique chairs, giving a description of each one. This is a great gift for any colour-inner. Featuring iconic chairs that furniture geeks will know and love.
Get your felt tips at the ready, it's colour time!




We go to the Gallery by Miriam Elia

This book sees John and Susan visiting an art gallery with their mother's help to identify the meaning of many of the exhibits. It uses simple English to explain the meaning behind the galleries art. The book interprets death as being final, looking at images in a unique perspective.




HOW TO MAKE ART by Mel Elliott 

A book of ideas, inspiration, theory and practice, by I LOVE MEL front-woman, Mel Elliott.

Learn the know-how to screen printing, font designing, sketching, finding inspiration & more. 



Mad Men character graphite pencils by I Love Mel

If you think the show is stylish you can now get your very own stylish pencil set too!
These are essential for any Mad Men lover. 




PENCILS THAT ROCK colouring pencils by I Love Mel

Twelve pencils that look great and read great. Each one has a rock song to go with the colour. Choose between Pretty in Pink, Purple Rain and Big Yellow Taxi.

They're pencils that rock!  




ART V CRAFT unisex t-shirt

This unisex screenprinted t-shirt by Modern Fairytale Club is very very cool.