Meet the team - JACK BOOTH


Name: Jack Booth
Age: 22
Position: Creative assistant
When did you start: January 2015


Where did you come from?
I am from a small town between Leeds and Huddersfield. I usually just say Leeds though, because no-one knows where I'm talking about if not. I moved to Hastings in January.

Tell us what an average day entails for you at I LOVE MEL HQ
It starts with a coffee, choosing the playlist for the day and checking my emails. I then usually process the orders, before cracking down and working on a project. Projects can vary from web design to designing the cover of a book or even a new card game. I usually switch between projects regularly, which helps keep your mind and ideas fresh. We work in a studio with floor to ceiling windows looking up to the castle. I often find myself looking out of the window when brainstorming or thinking. I check orders again in the afternoon before taking them all to the post office at 5pm.

What are the best things about your job?
There's loads of stuff that I love about my job. The main one being, I work for my friend. We can have a laugh in the office, but we work well as a team and when we need to, we focus and crack on with working. I think we sometimes look to each other when thinking about ideas and it turns out we're thinking the same thing. I also love the's such a nice environment, and the view is great.

And the worst?
When the studio is too warm...and it gets warm. Sometimes it's like being in a greenhouse. Also, when I see how messy Mel's desk is (see below)...sometimes there are chips from the Friday before. My desk is usually clean, but I must admit, I do make a mess when I'm working in other parts of the studio. I'm usually in my own world and focus entirely on what I'm doing. It's not until later on when Mel falls over a tripod that I remember to clean up.

What do you get for lunch when at work?
I try and bring my own lunch, but sometimes I can't be bothered or forget. I usually just grab a sandwich from the sandwich shop downstairs. If the weather is nice, and we have feel like we need a bit of fresh air, we will treat ourselves to a burger from Pelican Diner or a pizza or something.

Can you give me a fun, random bit of trivia about yourself?
Erm....I have forgotten my natural hair colour I've dyed and bleached it that much. I was born with really white hair, then it was a mousey blonde, but I can't even remember the last time I saw it now. Also, my bath is constantly stained purple from the shampoo I have to use to keep my hair colour up.

What is your favourite I LOVE MEL product, and why?
I absolutely love Kate Moss so one of them would have to be the Colour Me Good Kate Moss. It was the first product Mel made and it's just so lovely to colour in. My other favourite product would have to be the 1980's Bumper Activity Book. I actually met Mel because I did a short internship with her and worked on this book. We went to the same art school and we had the same tutor who introduced us. Mel was even kind enough to credit me in the book.

What do you like and dislike about Hastings?
I love The Old Town and that's there are loads nice places to eat and drink. I also like my walk to work along the seafront and swimming in the sea. Don't like the seagulls though!

Do you swim in the sea?
I actually had my first swim in the sea on Sunday! It was absolutely freezing at first, it took me 10 minutes to actually get in. Once i was in though, it was so nice. It was a really hot day, and it's the best was to cool off. It's really relaxing. If the waves are too crazy to swim in, just standing there and letting the waves hit you gives you a bit of a thrill, until your ankles get absolutely smashed with pebbles. It kills.

What do you like to listen to while you work?
Hahaha this is always an issue in the studio. I have been banned by Mel from listening to Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. I listen to them 24/7...I can't help it. When Mel's not here, it's Beyonce, but when she is, I have to listen to something we both like. Usually a spotify radio, 90's, 00's, hip-hop or cheesy pop.

What has been your best moment at work so far?
There have been so many, but one that I constantly love, and that is when a product we have been working on gets the okay, and it arrives back from the printers. It's so satisfying seeing something for the first time. I also love getting to meet interesting people such as other illustrators, artists and designers. It's so lovely to talk to people and get to know their practice. Also, I don't know if it classes as my best moment at work, but after I first met Mel, we kept in touch via social media and she invited me to come to the Elle Style Awards at The Savoy with her. It was one of the funniest and best nights of my life. I got to meet Henry Holland and even stood outside and had a cigarette with Kate Moss.

What are your career goals?
To continue to work for I love Mel and help expand it to an international brand. Hopefully, I Love Mel USA will be next, we are slowly working on that. But who knows, it would be cool to see I Love Mel China or I Love Mel Tokyo.

Which celebrity would you like to see get the Colour Me Good treatment next?
There are loads I would like to see: Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Jourdan Dunn, Meryl Streep...I think a Frida Kahlo one would be amazing. She is my favourite artist, and she was such an amazing woman. She and her work would make an amazing colouring book. (Please make this one Mel!)

What is your biggest claim to fame?
Hahahaha apart from being at the Savoy with Kate Moss, Henry Holland, Giles Deacon and Chloe Moretz....I accidentally saw Alicia Keys live in Times Square. I was in New York, and was scrolling through twitter on my phone in bed, and I saw a tweet by Alicia Keys saying she was going to be performing live in Times Square in about 20 minutes for Good Morning America. I was staying in Times Square so went outside and there she was, playing a grand piano in the middle of the street, with an orchestra. It was an amazing experience, and it gave me goosebumps. My claim to fame on this one though is that you can see the top of my head on that episode of Good Morning America.

What is your typical work outfit?
I usually wear a bold print shirt, and some jeans or nice trousers. I usually wear a pair of New Balance too because I have to walk about half an hour to and from work, and Hastings is the hilliest place in the world I reckon. If we have to go for meetings, or interviews though, I try and be a bit smarter...stick a blazer and a tie on usually.