Latest News from I Love Mel HQ - Feminist t-Shirts for Adults

Hello Everyone!
Well, where do we start with what's new at I Love Mel...
Our adult Feminist t-shirts are arriving TODAY! Yes, you heard us right. We have already had tons and tons of pre-orders, so hurry and buy yours now! 100% Fair-trade, cotton t-shirts, featuring a 3 colour design. £1 of every sale will go directly to The Great Initiative - a gender equality charity who have a great manifesto. 
To order yours now, click here!


Downloadable Paper Dolls

We have started producing DOWNLOADABLE paper dolls! You can buy them here for just £1.99 each. Featuring new people such as Cara Delevingne, Nicki Minaj, Jane BirkinKylie and Tom Hanks.