What's new? Tons of great gift ideas!

We have some really fun things new in the shop this month!

If you know someone who can't stop playing around with their phone, here's a hilarious addition to improve their smartphone experience.

In all the old retro visions of the future they imagined we'd all be walking around wearing Virtual Reality goggles. This kind of didn't happen because you walk into a lot of tables if you're plugged into another dimension but you can recreate the experience with this Virtual Reality Beginner's Guide which converts your smartphone into your very own VR goggles!

Then there's the Optrixx Camera-shaped Looking Eye:

These make a nifty kaleidoscope effect when you look through them - it would be very retro already but the variety of 5 beautiful old makes of camera means you can choose exactly what your retro aesthetic is!

While we're on the subject of photography, we've got Sunography Paper, which lets you create pictures by exposing the paper in sunlight, creating whatever you want in really lovely shades of blue:

All you have to do is put something on top of the paper to block out the light, and let the sun do the rest of the work! With winter now on retreat and hopefully some more sunny days on the way, now is a good time to start experimenting!

 And if you like being creative, the DIY Ukulele set will be perfect for you!

It is easy to assemble, but the best part is that before you do that you can go wild decorating it however you like, ad give yourself the customised, completely unique and personal ukulele you always wanted! You'll look fab while you play jaunty tunes on it later!

If you're a big fan of London but don't want to wear any of the obvious I <3 London merchandise you can't move without tripping over, how about a more subtle design from our Jewellery section: the Not In Service Brooch.

The brooch uses the iconic London Bus font (along with its least heartening message!) to give you a real sense of carrying a tiny piece of London around with you.

And on the subject of great cities, we have a new product in the endless array of interesting maps that come our way: this time it's a Crumpled Junior Map of New York:

This map has all the best places to see in stylish cartoons, and while you might get lost using it to find your way around the city street by street, it tells you everything you want to see in New York! If you're not going anywhere soon the crumpled maps all look great hung on a wall as well!