What do you want for Christmas?

This year if you want to do all your shopping from the safety of your own home instead of going out into the cold and facing the droves of Christmas shoppers, the internet is always there for you to protect a good hair day from the awful December weather. Hi, I'm Lizzy (assistant Christmas elf at I Love Mel) and I don't like going outside in December! 

Here's some of the cooler stuff I've got on my Christmas list!


The Video Notebook: £12.50 from

It's kind of scary that VHS tapes are retro now, but these notebooks look like the perfect size and shape to make you convinced you've holding one of the real things... And if you have any old VHS tapes lying around maybe you can reuse your old favourite movie's box to keep your notebook safe when you're travelling! So if you like antiquated technology (and by that I mean writing with pen and paper - hey, I do it all the time even if I have a perfectly good smartphone!) this could be the perfect present.


An Amazing Christmas mug: £9.37 from

I didn't realise just how bad the pun in the title was before it was too late and I'd already fallen for this stylish mug. It's both seasonal and has a clever enough design that you wouldn't mind accidentally making tea in a Christmas mug in the middle of August!


Mrs Idris Elba pencils: £3.50 from 

Aw man I didn't stand a chance against this one. We hit our box set of The Wire the same month I finally got around to watching Pacific Rim. To say that Idris Elba's existence is unfair is a bit of an understatement. A set of these pencils would take the sting off his continued obliviousness to my existence. 


Les Carnets notebooks: £11.50 each from

I have a long-standing affection for the American notebooks made in this style called composition books but they're a different shape and impossible to find in the UK! To save me importing notebooks by the hundreds from across the pond, these notebooks have the same craftsmanship, but they're A5 and have a really interesting variety of art on the covers!


Zombie Christmas Shirt: £32.38 by

The naff Christmas sweater trend has only intensified this year but I think this is a great alternative - the casual passer by might not even notice you're getting ready for a possible zombie apocalypse and seasonally stocking up on canned goods and shotgun shells!


Custard Cream Brooch: £5 from 

To someone who is basically a professional biscuit eater, the custard cream brooch represents a certain political allegiance. Be caught with a Malted Milk or Bourbon biscuit pinned to your lapel? Never! The custard cream is the mainstay of British biscuits and I would be proud to fly its colours with this adorable little badge.


The Sweet Life: £11.15 from

It's adorable and quirky with great art and it feels seasonal, maybe a great bag to start off with to throw in a few little stocking filler presents for someone! But it's got a good neutral colour scheme so you can feel safe that whoever you get it for will be using it right through the year, and not just now in the season of lollipops and candy canes!


Colour Me Good Tom Hiddleston: £7.50 from

To the surprise of literally no one who knows me, CMG Tom Hiddleston is my favourite thing in our whole shop, since it's a book that's full of basically nothing but pictures of Tom Hiddleston's face which require a great deal of attention from you. It's got some great little activities and would be a lovely way to spend Christmas day - colouring and eating mince pies!


Cool Cactus Oven Glove: £10.50 from

Have you ever wanted more options about where to store your oven gloves? How about completely blended in with the other potted plants on your window sill? I just love this for the casual household camouflage this item has. It's a really clever use of the shape of a glove! 


Merry Christmas!