Can we pair you up with some cards?

Our pairs cards are here and they're gorgeous. The old school parlour game is reinvented with loads of examples of Mel's best artwork for you to uncover as you play Seeing Double!

Seeing Double is one of those classic games that's probably existed as long as there have been cards - but never with cards as arty and cool as these!

 You can play by yourself or with half a dozen people and it's always a fun challenge - test your memory after a couple of drinks for maximum hilarity and a steep difficulty curve, or leave your kids with a pile of cards to keep them occupied for a while! 

With Christmas slowly beginning to loom on the horizon, now is a good time to start looking for all those little stocking fillers, and our game in its own sleek tin is a great pocket-size item.

Seeing Double is in our shop now and we guarantee you'll love playing around with these cards!