Chairs and Cards - a quick update on I Love Mel stuff!

Hey everyone!

At I Love Mel we're always excited about something, so here's a quick run down of what's going on here at the moment!

First of all, I think there's something we probably almost all have in common right now... We're sitting down! (But props to anyone who is reading this on their morning jog.) Chairs aren't just a barrier between you and the floor, though; they can be fantastic pieces of art all in their own right. Our book about chairs is a collection of all the most interesting and unique chairs for you to colour in and project your interior design dreams on! Colour Me Good has a history of featuring modern art both in and out of the gallery, whether it's fashion, aesthetic appreciation of London, or celebrating the unsung artistry of record sleeves. Now we hope to make you re-think the very things you sit on daily, and consider their role in the world of art! 

Mel's first children's book, Pearl Power, is available to pre-order now, and will be released on the 1st of October. After all the fun colouring books for grown ups we've finally taken a detour into serious literature. Pearl Power is a story that says no to being told doing things like a girl is a bad thing - but maybe we can let Pearl tell you all about it herself!

And one little other "Coming soon" snippet: we've got some great sets of Pairs cards on the way! They feature some great highlights of Mel's art and are great new variety on the classic game. (And you can see from these preview pictures that this all ties back to chairs, which are of course the most important card!)