Remember to dance dance dance

So David Bowie tells us! He's announced he's going to be bringing us more glorious music, promising "More music soon." and we continue living in a world where more David Bowie albums are forthcoming. It's a wonderful time to be alive!

Of course Bowie is one of our long-time favourites, and our paper doll effigy of him is possibly useful for voodoo purposes to make him start recording again after his too-long gap in producing new albums for us. We're not saying the appearance of the doll and the appearance of The Next Day are in any way linked, but they do share a similar time frame so there is that. We do not encourage our customers to use the paper dolls for supernatural purposes (though we'll turn a blind eye in this case).


To show your complete induction into the cult we also offer a range of Bowie-themed jewellery to bedeck yourself in so that you can show off just how excited you are at this announcement.

So do as Bowie says, knit something, get up and run all over the place! See how excited Pearl is at the news?