The Batley School of Art Gallery Viewing


Last Friday we visited London’s Brick Lane to view the work of the students from the Batley School of Art. The Batley School of Art is a huge part of ilovemel, and is fundamentally the place where it all began. The tutors at the university have the unique ability to mentor students through their university degree, to achieve the highest grade they possibly can. But more importantly they are hugely concerned with welfare of their students, encouraging them to follow their dreams and nurture their talent.


At the gallery viewing we were privileged enough to speak hands on with the students, and was fascinated by some of the stories behind their artwork. Their degrees covered topics that addressed the religious perspectives on temptation and sin, homophobia, racism, and even the relationships between painting and photography. Their work was stunning.


But the most rewarding part of our evening was being able to share the success story of ilovemel, with our fellow tutors and artists. Without the help of the Batley School of Art, ilovemel may never have begun. So, the opportunity to show the students that their degree can lead to a really great career hopefully inspired them, as much as they did us!


We would like to thank the Batley School of Art for inviting us to this wonderful event, and wish them all the best of luck with their future plans.