Screen-printing at The Arches Studio July 03 2014






So yesterday we went to do some screen-printing at The Arches- a very impressive local print studio. The day was long, but the reward was worth it! We managed to produce some lovely prints (that will be available soon as limited editions), and had great fun while creating them. 

For anyone who is interested in screen-printing, I would highly recommend that you visit your local print-making studio. The equipment is great, and very useful for making your prints look as good as they possibly can be!

We began by finishing the Anglo Bubbly prints that we started last week. It was time to add the final layer, which was neon pink! It really bought the image together nicely - especially with the beautiful finish that you can achieve when screen-printing. 

We had enough time to begin on our figurative piece and managed to get two layers done. Here is a sneak peak of the working progress above.

We cannot wait to finish them, and will keep you updated with the new print collections!