Welcome to our new studio!

Based in Cavendish House in the centre of Hastings, we're lucky enough to enjoy the spectacular views, and take long walks across the seaside- a perfect place for us to get our art on!

We have just recently furnished our studio with brand new waist-high work surfaces, and of course, filled up the bookshelves with hundreds of volumes of Vogue magazine. 

We strive to keep the studio full with art, equipment, books, magazines, and photographs, creating a space filled with all kinds of creative inspiration. 

Don't forget, if you're a customer local to Hastings you can drop by the studio Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and collect your orders. No need to pay for postage or packaging, simply type in the free-shipping code 'Beside the Seaside' on checkout. 

We are very excited about are new studio, and wanted to show you where everything happens behind the scenes of ilovemel!