Swoon spotlight: Tom Hiddleston May 22 2014


Here at I Love Mel we have a full dedication to all adorable cuties who deserve love, adoration, and "proof" of fake marriages... As such we're now proudly celebrating one Tom W Hiddleston with his own commemorative set of pencils.


Because sometimes you just need a set of pencils which proudly tells everyone who you would totally marry if you were given half a chance. Or failing that a magical alien spear which turned people's will to putty in your hands. Hey, the guy's good at playing a villain. He wouldn't have made it through three whole films if he wasn't just so bloody marvellous at strolling around like he owns the world, conspiring against his hunky elder bro. And occasionally all of his brother's friends from the save the world club.

Anyway when he's not hamming it up being a movie villain in a film inspired by Shakespeare but with more superheros, he cut his teeth in British theatre and cheerfully returns to it for big BBC productions or grungy "theatre in an old warehouse" live-streamed shows. 

Tom may just be starting out on super stardom fame, but he's besties with one of our other mascots, one Benedict Cumberbatch, and that is just a match made in heaven. Or on the set of War Horse, which is a film where just the trailer made me cry so we'll not discuss that.

As with our Benedict range we have jewellery for the ardent admirer of our posh British actor of the week. If you want to wear a picture of Hiddles close to your heart, or to have him proudly grinning from either ear lobe, we have you covered!




Go forth and let the world know how much you love Tom Hiddleston!