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I Love Mel Free Stuff

'90s Chris Evans Paper Doll FREEBIE FRIDAY June 19 2015

Chris Evans was a '90s super hero in terms of TV. These days he's a bit mellower but to celebrate his TFI Friday comeback last week and his new job as Top Gear presenter, I have recreated him in paper doll form. You can print out these high res images and then cut-out and dress Chris up!

CBE for Benny - FREEBIE FRIDAY June 12 2015

Hurray, Britain's favourite actor is to be awarded a CBE 'cause he's just so adorable.

To celebrate I have drawn a picture of what Benedict Cumberbatch might look like with his medal on.

Feel free to print out this high res picture and colour it in... but do show me your efforts on twitter or Instagram please!

And if you're a big Benedict fan, maybe you'd like the full colouring book which has loads of funny Benedict-based activites in it too.

You can buy the book HERE



In Support of Caitlyn Jenner June 03 2015

... and others struggling with similar issues.

Yesterday I felt compelled to show my support of Caitlyn Jenner... by colouring in of course!

Here's my effort, but I'm sure you can do better.

Why not right click, save and print the high res image below and show your support to Caitlyn and LGBTQ equality.

 Here's a video of me colouring in featuring the very talented Gwyneth Herbert.

Free font for FREEBIE FRIDAY! March 13 2015

Cor blimey talk about all the Fs! But yes, this Friday I am giving you the font that I designed to use in all of my colouring books. Just click on the text below to download.


Jarvis Cocker FREEBIE FRIDAY! February 27 2015

This Friday I have created an amazing Jarvis Cocker (c. 1990s) paper doll for you to download, print out, cut out and play with. Have fun!

Download here

Tate Modern FREEBIE FRIDAY! February 13 2015

The Tate Modern is one of the world's most visited and best-loved galleries. Make your own mini model using nothing but this lovely printed cut-out and a bit of folding!

Download your free PDF HERE

Taylor Swift FREEBIE FRIDAY! November 28 2014

Hurray it's Friday and what better way to celebrate than with a bit of colouring in.

This week's FREEBIE FRIDAY is a tribute to pop's loveliest lady, Taylor Swift. So listen to 'Shake It Off' while you get creative with your felt tips or pencils.



Download a high res printable image HERE


And don't forget to send me your colouring efforts along with your name, country and age, so I can show them off on The Gallery


Massive Swiftie like me? Then treat yourself to these fab Shake It Off pencils or pop them onto your I LOVE MEL wishlist!

Clueless FREEBIE FRIDAY! November 21 2014

We all like Fridays' don't we? The day when you treat yourself to an extra special sandwich at lunchtime and you count the hours until pub time. Well let's make them even better! From now on, each Friday for the foreseeable future, I'll be letting you download something lovely on here to print out, cut out colour in, whatever your heart desires.


Today's freebie is a paper doll of Cher Horowitz from the 1995 cult movie 'Clueless'. Cher was played brilliantly by Alicia Silverston and her outfits were to die for! So, print them out, cut them out and play away!

Download your CLUELESS paper doll here

We have loads of great images for you to download and colour in! October 09 2014

For the colourer-inner who just can't get enough with our books, we have some free images for you to download and colour in however you like! These images are free for you to use, and it would be lovely if you sent us pictures of what you do with them on Facebook or Twitter!

Wolf October 09 2014

This colouring page is free for you to use! Simply print it out from your browser or save to your device for later!