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Colour in this image and show me on Twitter or Facebook to be in with a chance of winning one of my lovely Labour' t-shirts. Click on the image to download. Deadline: Midday this Thursday. And here's the prize! It's available in 5 colours (but not blue). And if you can't be bothered to get your felt-tips out, you can simply buy one by clicking on the t-shirt! Good luck:-) Oh and don't forget to go out and VOTE on Thursday!

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Hurray, Britain's favourite actor is to be awarded a CBE 'cause he's just so adorable. To celebrate I have drawn a picture of what Benedict Cumberbatch might look like with his medal on. Feel free to print out this high res picture and colour it in... but do show me your efforts on twitter or Instagram please! And if you're a big Benedict fan, maybe you'd like the full colouring book which has loads of funny Benedict-based activites in it too. You can buy the book HERE    

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In Support of Caitlyn Jenner

... and others struggling with similar issues. Yesterday I felt compelled to show my support of Caitlyn Jenner... by colouring in of course! Here's my effort, but I'm sure you can do better. Why not right click, save and print the high res image below and show your support to Caitlyn and LGBTQ equality.  Here's a video of me colouring in featuring the very talented Gwyneth Herbert.

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